The GCF Group is a financial services company with with a passion for helping businesses of any size find the perfect funding and real estate solutions that meet their needs.

Am I bankable?

Having a great business and being “Bankable” are two different things which is often a source of frustration for business owners when trying to build a relationship with their bank/banker and obtain necessary funding.  We speak and communicate banker – schedule a $99 consult today to understand your “Bankability.”


Business growth capital

Do you own a successful business and have reached a point where you need additional capital to continue growing?  We can help!  Community banks offer many types of working capital credit facilities and we can place you with a banker/bank that understands your industry and needs. 

Real Estate Financing

We’ve underwritten and funded over $200MM in real estate loans from single family rentals to large, multi phase commercial and residential developments.  We love funding real estate transactions!  Schedule a free consult today to discuss funding your real estate purchase, refinance or construction & development project.

Real Estate

Our founder resides in New Ulm, TX and has a personal passion for rural real estate in Central Texas.  We can assist with buying or selling property in Round Top, New Ulm, Fayetteville, Bellville, Brenham, La Grange, Columbus or Giddings.  Our specialties in this region are farm & ranch, vacation rentals and commercial.

Here’s what our clients are saying:

“I have worked with David for about 5 years while he was at a bank and now as GCF Group.  As a banker, he was not like other bankers.  He always saw things through the entrepreneur’s view and looked for ways to get deals done instead of the typical quick no’s.  When Covid first hit in March 2020, and banks completely shut down lending, he was able to source financing for an industrial purchase + renovation in May of 2020.  Most recently, I had a client that was turned down by their bank for an owner occupied office purchase with only 35 days left on their transaction.  I referred them to David and within 10 days he collected all of their financials, produced an underwritten package and obtained a loan commitment from a community bank.  It saved the deal for my client and me and it closed on time.  If you’re a real estate agent/broker or a business owner, I highly recommend you add David/GCF Group as part of your arsenal of tools for success.”

– Clint Hankla, Principal, Lee & Associates

“David has spent his career cultivating deep and connected relationships with strong financial partners, banks – importantly both large national banks and small town privates, and other real estate professionals.  He knows the intricacies of bank lending and project management, which I was not aware of or knowledgeable on.  Most importantly, David understands and genuinely loves the personal connection and “people” side of his business, and how to bring two parties together for mutual value creation.  Having now worked with David on two large and complex real estate financings, David will be my first and only call on any future related financing opportunities. Simply put, he adds tremendous value, ensuring a successful, enjoyable, and efficient transaction.”

– Kris Simpson, CFO, PetroLegacy

“I have worked with David Pokorny for seven (7) years as a banker and now @ The GCF Group.  While David was at banks, I was a property manager for F6 Properties which was a large commercial real estate holding company.  I worked closely with David as he placed over $20MM worth of funding for various commercial real estate assets.  He was diligent, organized and quick on each transaction.  He was not what I would call, the “typical banker” we had ever worked with.  He didn’t ask for unnecessary documents and really streamlined the process to make it easier and less stressful.  Eventually I started my own venture with a partner, Actuation Plus, in 2017.  By 2020, we had outgrown our lease space and needed to purchase a larger facility.  I contacted David in June 2020 and he successfully sourced/guided us through an SBA loan to fund the purchase + renovation of an industrial building.  This was particularly impressive because Covid had just hit 3 months prior, and banks weren’t actively lending.  A year later, we came back to David and he sourced a working capital line of credit to continue funding our company growth.  He knows how to source the right bankers/financial institutions and handles 90% of the debt sourcing process so you can stay focused on operating your business.  I highly recommend contacting David to source growth funding for your business.”

– Jeff Gould, Partner, Actuation Plus

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